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Good vampire movies are harder to find than good zombie movies. Sure, there have been plenty of vampire movies made, especially compared to the number of zombie movies in existence, but for some reason, the number of bad vampire movies outnumbers the good ones by a wide margin. Here are ten vampire movies that I know are good, because I've seen them:

  1. John Carpenter's Vampires - I'm an unashamed John Carpenter fan, and I really enjoyed this one. I've seen reviews that compared Vampires (unfavorably) with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show. This probably isn't a popular choice on many good vampire movies lists, but it's one of mine. (And I love James Woods.)
  2. From Dusk Til Dawn - I can see how some people might criticize From Dusk Til Dawn for being more of a comic book than a movie. I think that vampires are perfect comic book style fodder, so I don't mind that comparison. I've also talked to people who felt like From Dusk Til Dawn was two radically different movies melded together. I agree with that analysis, but I don't think it's a valid reason to dislike the movie. It's been one of my favorite vampire movies since the first time I saw it.
  3. Fright Night - My English teacher in 8th grade was kind of enough to have me as a guest at her house to see this terrific movie on VHS. Since then I've seen it on DVD, but I'd love to get a chance to see it on the big screen. I heard a rumor that they're remaking this one. I can't see any reason to remake something that's already so perfect.
  4. The Monster Squad - I saw this one relatively late in life compared to some of these other vampire movies, but it's still one of my favorites. The Dracula in this movie has that old time Universal Dracula look, but to me, he even manages to be creepy. (I hate to sound jaded and modern, but Bela Lugosi just seems silly as Dracula to me.)
  5. The Last Man on Earth - I would have never known this movie existed if Sandy Petersen (the creator of the Call of the Cthulhu RPG) hadn't recommended it to me. The Last Man on Earth is the original film version of the Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend, and it's the only film version that's remotely faithful to the novel. Will Smith's version of I Am Legend is more of a remake of The Omega Man than a film version of Matheson's vampire novel. And The Last Man on Earth is the only one of those three film versions of the novel that actually has vampires.
  6. Near Dark - This movie is one of those cult favorites that you occasionally hear about. I love it. If you only know Lance Henrikson from his work for Asylum, then you should really check this one out. Near Dark is directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who's better known these days for directing The Hurt Locker.
  7. Blade - This one's based on a comic book character, but I think I already mentioned that vampires are naturally a comic book type subject. The frenetic action in Blade is great, but it's not really very scary. Entertaining, yes; scary, no.
  8. Blood for Dracula - This is the strangest vampire movie I've ever seen. It's marketed as an "Andy Warhol" movie, but he didn't really have anything to do with it. In this version of Dracula, the titular character is so weak and debilitated because of his hunger for a virgin's blood that he's confined to a wheelchair. Here's a Dracula you can really feel pity for.
  9. Interview with the Vampire - I was skeptical of how well Tom Cruise would play the vampire Lestat, but I was delighted and surprised when I actually saw the movie on the big screen. And I didn't even like the novel. Christian Bale really stole the show for me, but everyone turns in a fine performance, and the film has some genuinely creepy moments.
  10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Most fans of the television show think little of the original movie, but I loved the movie the first time I saw it. I still think it's got some genuinely great vampire moments in it. If you've seen the television show but not the movie, give Buffy the Vampire Slayer a try. You might be surprised.

30 Days of Night and Daybreakers are both pretty good too.

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